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The United States Air Force Academy Band's compact disc recordings are approved by the Department of the Air Force for use in public service broadcasting, recruiting, educational activities, troop morale and retention. The Band's CDs are not for sale, but are distributed to radio stations, public libraries and educational institutions throughout the United States. 

If you are a librarian, educator or public service broadcaster, we would be delighted to send you a collection of recordings by the United States Air Force Academy Band. We only ask that you place them in your organization's permanent holdings so that all in your community may enjoy them for years to come.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Because our recordings are produced in limited quantities, we are not able to honor requests for copies from individuals wanting them for their personal collection. Instead, we ask that you borrow the compact disc of your choice from your local public library. If your library's collection does not contain recordings by The United States Air Force Academy Band, simply ask the librarian to request them from us. We will send a collection to be included in the library's holdings. By requesting Air Force Band recordings through your local library, you can help make our music available to everyone in your community.
tabCeremonial and Official Recordings 
tabSonata in Blue 
Sonata in Blue Rampart Winds

1.  Walking Tune
2.  Allegretto from Blaserquintett g-moll Opus 56, Nr. 2
3.  Andante from Blaserquintett g-moll Opus 56, Nr. 2
4.  Menuett - Trio from Blaserquintett g-moll Opus 56, Nr. 2
5.  Allegro from Blaserquintett g-moll Opus 56, Nr. 2
6. Serenade
7.  Andante pour Cor Anglais
8.  Allegro from Clarintet Quintet in A Major, K. 581
9. En Foret
10.  Piece en forme de Habanera
11.  Lustig from Kleine Kammermusik fur funf Blaser, Opus 24, Nr. 2
12.  Walzer from Kleine Kammermusik fur funf Blaser, Opus 24, Nr. 2
13.  Ruhig und einfach from Kleine Kammermusik fur funf Blaser, Opus 24, Nr. 2
14.  Achtel from Kleine Kammermusik fur funf Blaser, Opus 24, Nr. 2
15.  Schnelle Viertel from Kleine Kammermusik fur funf Blaser, Opus 24, Nr. 2
16.  Molly on the Shore and Temple Hill
tabFree Man 
Free Man Wild Blue Country

1. I Can Live with That
2. Everyday Anywhere
3.  Livin' the Dream
4.  The Couch
5. If I Die Before You Wake
6.   Free Man
tabSharing the Freedom 
Sharing the Freedom The Falconaires

1. I Feel a Song Coming On
2. Little Sunflower
3.  Deixa Falar (Carnival)
4. Bali Hai
5.  Yesterday's Tomorrow
6. Nature Boy
7. What is this thing called love?
8. This is for Albert
9. Collateral Duty Blues
10.  Sharing the Freedom

Bonus Material:
WindscapesThe USAF Academy Concert Band

1. Windsprints
2.  New Era- Overature for Band
3.  First Suite in Eb- Chaconne
4.  First Suite in Eb- Intermezzo
5.  First Suite in Eb- March
6.  United Artists
7. Kingfishers Catch Fire
8. Concerto for Trombone- Andante con moto
9. Concerto for Trombone- Allegro
10.  Jazzscapes- Mvt.1
11.  Jazzscapes- Mvt.2
12.  Jazzscapes- Mvt.3
13. Resplendent Glory
14.  The Circus Bee
tabIn the Spires 
tabSymphonic Band 68 
Symphonic Band 68 The Concert Band

1.  The Ramparts
2. Mass from La Fiesta Mexicana
3.  MBS March
4. My Man's Gone
5. Moment of Truth
6.  Reflection (Bossa Nova)
7. A La Nanita Nana
8. It Was A Very Good Year
9. A Foggy Day In London Town
10. America The Beautiful
tabSymphonic Band 69 
Symphonic Band 69 The Concert Band

1.  The Twelve Days of Christmas
2.  Introduction for Band
3. Land of the Velvet Hills
4. Maybe September
5. Danza Alegre
6.  Waltzing Matilda
7.  Bring Me Men
8. Mame
9. I Have Dreamed
10. Alfie
11. There's No You
12. Hawaii Medley - Adventures In Paradise; Akaka Falls; Tiny Bubbles; Beyond The Reef & Hawaii
tabThe American Dream 
tabUSAFA Band Singles 
 1. Getting To It Finally - The Falconaires
 2. I Remember Carl - The Falconaires

tabThe Speed of Heat 
The Speed of Heat Concert Band

1. Cloudsplitter Fanfare
2. Festival Variations
3.   Air Force Musician's Association March
4. Finale from Symphony for Band
5.   Geometries
6. The Open Road
7. The Gathering Sky
8.   The Speed of Heat
9. Those Magnificent Airmen and Their Flying Machines
tabFull Circle 
Full Circle Stellar Brass

1.  St. James Infirmary
2.  When the Saints Go Marching In
3. Dream a Little Dream
4. Sing, Sing, Sing
5.  Lassus Trombone
6.  Tiger Rag
7. Birdland
8. Don't Explain
9. A Kiss To Build a Dream On
10.  Anvil Stomp
11. Pretending to Care
12. Cereza Rosa
13. Malaga
14. Sway
15. Entre Dos Aquas
16. The Tiger of San Pedro
17. First Circle
18.  The Stars & Stripes Forever March
Fireworks The Stellar Brass with Dr. Joseph Galema

1.  Symphony No. 3 in C minor, opus 78 "Organ"
2.  Dance to the Spirits of Fire
3. Poème Héroïque, opus 33
4. Naïades, op.55, no. 4
5. Suite for Organ and Brass Quintet and Percussion-I. Prelude
6. Suite for Organ and Brass Quintet and Percussion-II. Cantilene
7. Suite for Organ and Brass Quintet and Percussion-III. Toccata
8.  Scheherazade
9.  Prelude in G minor, op. 7, no. 3
10.  Fugue in G minor, op. 7, no. 3
11.  This is my Country
12.  Turkish Rondo
13.  Jauchzet, Frohlocket!
14.  Hallelujah Chorus
tabOff We Go 
Off We Go The Falconaires

1. Love is Blue
2. Windy
3. Somewhere
4. Ode To Billy Jo
5. If I Were A Carpenter
6. Sabor A Mi
7. Basie's Rag
8. Sentimental Journey
9. I've Got You Under My Skin
10. Alfie
11.  Carefree
12.  Three For Terri
tabMusic By The Falconaires 
Music By The Falconaires The Falconaires

1.  Time Trials
2. Have A Nice Day
3. It's Impossible
4. String Of Pearls & In The Mood
5. Lucretia MacEvil
6. Thunderbird Theme
7. Gentle On My Mind
8. The Thrill Is Gone
9. Close To You
10. Hayburner
Graffiti The Falconaires

1. Can't We Be Friends
2. Country Roads
3. Indiana
4. Wave
5.  Corn on the Cob
6. Alone Again (Naturally)
7. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
8. Here I Am Baby
9. Fire and Rain
10. Helena Polka
11. Fear
12. Dreamsville
tabBrass Quintet & Rampart Winds 
Brass Quintet & Rampart Winds The Brass Quintet & Rampart Winds

1. Fanfare in C
2. West Side Story - Prologue; Something's Coming; Maria; Tonight; America; I Feel Pretty & Somewhere
3. Poeme Heroique
4. March
5. Gavotte With Six Doubles
6. Phantom of the Opera
7.  Boston Commons
tabBlue Steel/Wild Blue Country 
Blue Steel/Wild Blue Country Blue Steel/Wild Blue Country

1. Hip to be Square
2. Freeway of Love
3. Love Means Forever
4. Be Good to Yourself
5. Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone
6. Power of Love
7. Oklahoma Borderline
8.  Rodeo Queen
9. Daddy's Hands
10. Mountain Music
11. Bury Me
12. Blue Moon of Kentucky
13. 40 hour Week
tabThe Higher We Fly 
Symphonic Band 68 The Falconaires & Moods in Blue Singers

1. Lazy Bird
2. Fascinating Rhythm
3. In A Sentimental Mood
4. Here's to the Band
5.  Firebird Suite
6.  Take it Home
7. Cole Porter Medley
8. Caravan
9. The Highter We Fly

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